Motherlove Herbal Company

Motherlove produces and sells organic, herbal breastfeeding supplements that help support breast milk supply, as well as other natural products focused on improving the pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding experiences. Tracing its origins back to the 1980s, the company continues to grow and expand, and came to A-Train for help with its tradeshow presence and brand consistency.

motherlove booth

An Engaging Tradeshow Experience

A key component of Motherlove marketing is tradeshow exhibiting. Wanting to enhance their tradeshow presence and go beyond the typical pop-up fabric backdrops, they sought A-Train’s assistance in creating a booth that had an impressive look and feel, but that was easy to ship and assemble, and also cost-effective. What they envisioned was something in the unique middle ground between entry-level and high-end booths. To bring that vision to life, A-Train came up with a clever, segmented, Lego-like structure that can be erected without tools, and a design that has an earthy, organic feel that incorporated real wood and matte finishes.


From Concept to Execution

Motherlove not only entrusted A-Train to come up with their tradeshow booth design, they charged the agency with seeing it through to completion. From producing sketches, dimensional elevations, working diagrams and mock-ups, to finding woodworkers and metalworkers to manufacture components, A-Train managed every step of the process in a way that gave new meaning to “full-service.”

Deep Dive Brand Management

As Motherlove grew and expanded, their marketing team interacted with many individuals and agencies. As a result, their brand wasn’t as sharply defined and carefully maintained as it should be. To stop the “brand creep” and get Motherlove back on the right track with their visual identity, A-Train produced a cohesive, brand guidelines book. That could be shared and accessed online, where embedded links take you directly to the resources referenced.

Beyond Simple Brand Guidelines

In some cases, a “brand guide” is nothing more than a brief listing of approved fonts and colors. For Motherlove, A-Train took the guide to a whole new level. The book covered the standard elements, of course, but it also addressed the look and use of collateral like their letterhead, stationary, business cards, and brochures, plus how to leverage approved messaging to talk about the company.

brand guidelines
brand guidelines
brand guidelines
Motherlove ad animation

Dynamic Digital Marketing

Motherlove was also interested in dabbling in digital marketing. The market is very competitive – so to get eyes on digital ads that A-Train created, HTML5 was used to animate them and produce intriguing motion.

landing page on a laptop

Streamlined Landing Pages Increase Conversions

In order to help Motherlove capitalize on website traffic generated by their digital ads, A-Train developed landing pages designed to encourage user engagement and increase conversions. The pages were streamlined, calls to action highlighted, distractions minimized, and no options were provided for navigating away from the landing page. Visitors were limited to two actions: read the information to learn more or click to make a purchase.

Creating Consistency and Alignment for Motherlove

The key to getting new customers is earning their trust, and the key to earning trust is consistency. A-Train’s work with Motherlove helped the company refocus its branding and then align its new tradeshow booth and digital ads so that what potential customers see—in person or online—is a company whose visual identity and mission are clear.