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A recruiting hypertargeting campaign for a Colorado client proved it's not always about how many people you're reaching, it's about who you're reaching.

At a time when the world needed more paramedics than ever, American Medical Response (AMR) needed new staff. They needed to recruit responders. And in order to help them facilitate their human resources needs and hire new Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics, the solution was hyper-targeting.


The Challenge

Traditional advertising hadn’t worked for AMR in ways they liked. They hadn’t seen enough applicants in Colorado to deal with the staffing shortages they were facing. They needed a certain amount of EMTs and paramedics to apply for open positions to respond to an ongoing demand in a specialized field. AMR couldn’t accept just any applicants. They needed the right ones.

The Solution

The answer was to find the right kind of audience through hyper-targeting. In order to recruit the right talent, we focused on two areas: region and industry. We focused on some of AMR’s comparable companies and the region AMR served where they needed EMTs and paramedics. By doing so, we could find people who had expressed interest in that specific field, while also ensuring we had people in the local region through geotargeting.

Paramedics needed

Reaching the Right Recruits

Hypertargeting allows us to find an exact audience. Which means the amount of people seeing the ad may not be large; however, what it does mean is the right people saw the digital advertisements with a specified focus aimed at them.

The AMR branch we helped was in a smaller city in Colorado, out of state and larger city relocations were unlikely. As a result, focusing on the region itself ensured we found people who lived close enough that a relocation wasn’t needed. And by focusing on competitors, we could make sure that people interested in either becoming an EMT or paramedic, or those wanting to change where they worked, were the ones we were talking to. In this case, it wasn’t about how many people we were targeting with our digital advertising, it was who we were speaking with.

Quality, Not Quantity, Meant Results

AMR in Colorado saw high-quality applicants, ensuring only those in the Colorado area saw the ads. It allowed AMR to bring in new EMTs and paramedics to resolve the issue of needing only qualified talent to apply.

Our campaign ran for 30 days. During the month-long timeframe, the campaign accumulated 90,882 impressions. This resulted in 186 link clicks to the landing page. Our campaign resulted in 111 qualified applicants during the time of our hyper-targeting campaign.

Impressions in 30 days
New qualified leads
colorado map

Performance Leads to Potential

While we initially worked with AMR’s Pueblo location, the success showed hyper-targeting was the right solution for recruiting. As a result, we are now working with AMR throughout Colorado, including the Denver Metro area, with the potential for nationwide collaboration with the company.

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