Audubon Rockies

The National Audubon Society is a non-profit organization devoted to protecting birds and the habitats they need to thrive. Its efforts include education, youth outreach, advocacy, and conservation. A-Train is a long-time collaborator with the organization’s Audubon Rockies regional office—which serves Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah—and has assisted on a number of projects including the production of its Annual Reports.


Sponsorship Gathering

As a non-profit, Audubon Rockies relies on sponsorship and donations to fund its important programs. A-Train helped the organization get attention and drive traffic to its website by developing a sponsorship packet focused on a project called Jack’s Solar Garden. This “agrivoltaic” initiative—meaning one where a section of land is used simultaneously for agriculture and the production of solar power—is designed to benefit farmers, electricity consumers, and native plant, bird, and bee populations. Companies are encouraged to donate at different sponsorship levels to show their support of the program and benefit from increased brand awareness as a result.

Influencer Strategy

Another project that A-Train assisted with is a campaign to generate awareness of Audubon Rockies and its work in the region by connecting with and educating “influencers” on social media platforms. A-Train developed a comprehensive influencer strategy and a thorough “toolkit” booklet to guide team members in how to leverage the tactics for maximum benefit.

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Personas for People

As part of the influencer campaign, A-Train conducted in-depth research to develop “personas” for the different types of people who are potential supporters of the organization. The detailed information on how these people are likely to think and behave became the foundation of the initiative, empowering Audubon Rockies to perform outreach how, when, and where it will have the highest probability of moving the recipients to action.

Partnering to Promote Greater Understanding

From materials design to marketing campaign strategy and execution, A-Train has helped Audubon Rockies connect with its audience and share insights on the challenges facing native birds, including how declining populations will have a negative impact on the environment. And as awareness increases, donations and sponsorships increase, enabling the organization to expand its efforts and do more good for the creatures that play such a vital role in the health of the region’s ecosystems.