The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is an organization focused on supporting statewide economic vitality by connecting businesses with the state’s skilled workforce.

Having trusted A-Train with many projects and campaigns through the years, CWDC engaged the agency to help launch and promote this critically important service.

Raising Awareness through Social Media

To get the attention of students and job seekers, and make them aware of TalentFOUND, A-Train created Facebook advertisements designed to drive traffic to the organization’s website. The ads emphasized the difference between a job and a career, and positioned TalentFOUND as a valuable resource for achieving long-term success in a role that aligns with a person’s interests.

A Website as the Trailhead to a Career Path

A-Train developed an engaging and intuitive website for TalentFOUND that makes it easy for job seekers, students, and employers to find the information they need and start the journey toward their desired outcome. Visitors quickly discover that TalentFOUND isn’t a place for posting or viewing job listings. Instead, it’s a comprehensive program that’s useful in many ways.

Leveraging the Love of Video

YouTube was identified as a website frequently visited by TalentFOUND’s target audience, specifically students and job seekers. To leverage the site’s appeal, A-Train created 15-30 second “pre-roll” videos to run before the pieces visitors want to view, with the goal of raising awareness about the program. The agency then analyzed how the pre-rolls performed in order to fine-tune the campaign.

Targeting a Different Demographic on LinkedIn

If you want to get your offering noticed by employers, LinkedIn is an excellent place to do that. A-Train designed ads for TalentFOUND and developed a strategy for using them to create interest in the program. Companies often use LinkedIn to hire great people or find resources for helping their employees, so information about TalentFOUND and the skilled workforce it supports was a perfect fit.

The Intersection of Creative and Strategic

Communicating the value of one program to three very different audiences is no easy task. It takes both compelling creative and smart strategy. A-Train succeeded in delivering both for CWDC and TalentFOUND, and the gateway has become a hub of activity for students, job seekers and employers looking to achieve their objectives.