The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is an organization focused on supporting statewide economic vitality by connecting businesses with the state’s skilled workforce.

CWDC engaged A-Train Marketing to create a broad-based communications plan, the TalentFOUND name and brand, and a campaign to drive students, workers and employers to the resources of the Colorado talent development network.

Raising Awareness through a Statewide Campaign

To get the attention of students, workers and employers, make them aware of TalentFOUND, drive them to existing network resources and help them find their own unique path to success, A-Train created a multi-pronged campaign targeted to each of these three individual audiences.

Paid placements included Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and multi-lingual radio and television advertisements. The four-month campaign generated over 4M impressions, over 42,000 radio/TV spots and over 25,000 unique website visitors.

A Website as the Trailhead to a Career Path

A-Train developed an engaging and intuitive website for TalentFOUND that makes it easy for Coloradans to find the information they need and start or continue their journey toward a rewarding career. Visitors quickly self-identify whether they're a job seeker, student or employer to get connected to the third party gateway of local resources. Network affiliates also connect with updates and a toolbox of resources.

Leveraging the Love of Video

YouTube was identified as a website frequently visited by TalentFOUND’s target audiences, specifically students and job seekers. A-Train created 15 and 30-second “pre-roll” videos in English and Spanish to run before the videos visitors have clicked. These video spots were also used in the multi-lingual statewide TV campaign which, along with radio, was conducted with the support of the Colorado Broadcasters Association.

Targeting a Different Demographic on LinkedIn

If you want to get your offering noticed by employers, LinkedIn is an excellent place to do that. A-Train designed ads for TalentFOUND and developed a strategy to specifically target Colorado employers looking to build their team and companies. Messaging focused on TalentFOUND's resources to help employers recruit skilled workers, train existing team members and build their unique talent pipeline.

The Intersection of Creative and Strategic

Communicating the value of one program under one consistent brand to three very different audiences is no easy task. It takes both compelling creative and smart strategy. A-Train succeeded in delivering both for CWDC and TalentFOUND, and the brand has continued to grow to unify the Colorado talent development network, connect students and workers to the resources they need to continue their unique path to success, and help employers find and develop the talent they need to grow and succeed.