Integrated Care Toolkit

Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council

CBHC is an umbrella entity for multiple community mental health centers in Colorado. The organization partnered with the Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) office on the Bi-Directional Integration Demonstration and Practice-Based Research Pilot Program, which assessed the value of integrating primary care with community behavioral health services. Four community mental health centers (CMHCs) — Community Reach Center, Jefferson Center, Mental Health Partners, Southeast Health Group — participated in the study.

Summary Report

To help CBHC share the encouraging pilot program results with other care providers, A-Train developed an informative summary report. Eye-catching and insightful, the piece details the hurdles each CMHC faced in integrating primary care and how they developed processes to overcome those challenges. The result is a valuable resource other centers can use to guide their efforts as they strive for the same improvements in care, outcomes, and overall operations.

Spreading Information and Care

A-Train also enabled CBHC to promote the study’s findings in a highly visual way by developing an engaging infographic. Explaining that the initiative achieved its “Triple Aim” of enhanced population health, reduced costs, and improved patient experience of care, the infographic provides statistics that highlight key aspects of the program and its results.

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A Multichannel Approach That Maximizes Impact

In addition to the report and infographic, A-Train developed other materials CBHC and the four centers can use to promote the advantages of mental and physical health care integration. These include large, attention-getting posters summarizing the results for each CMHC and the program overall, email templates and messaging, a landing page, a blog, and a PowerPoint presentation.

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A Multichannel Approach That Maximizes Impact

A-Train created a multichannel marketing strategy focused heavily on cost-effective digital tactics for driving traffic to the company’s website but also including more traditional aspects such as attending trade shows and maintaining visibility with veterinary trade associations.

Unique Capabilities in Mental Health Communications

It takes specialized skills and extensive experience to communicate about mental health issues and initiatives in a clear and concise manner while also being kind and compassionate. A-Train met both of those messaging objectives for CBHC with engaging visuals and carefully crafted copy that reflect the organization’s core values.