Kerry’s future singing career

Why choose one when you can have both!? Someone get Kerry a microphone because she is ready to drop it! When asking Kerry which she would prefer to be the world’s best singer or dancer, she said this, ” Oh my. BOTH! Listen, … Read More

Heather’s dinosaur dreams

Heather isn’t a dinosaur, but if she was… I’m going to have to revert to a fictional dinosaur character “Ducky” from The Land Before Time because that’s where my fondness of dinosaurs began. Ducky is very out-going, positive, loving and … Read More

Matt’s favorite food group

What was Matt’s answer when we asked him about the first thought that ran through his head when he woke up this morning? It’s simple – Matt loves his burritos and often talks about the beauty of getting a trifecta (burritos … Read More

Madison’s nasty sandwich

Don’t mess with Madison – she makes a mean sandwich Okay, so this may seem super weird, but when I was little, my sister and I actually did this to each other. I still vividly remember eating the sandwich that … Read More