August 31, 2016

Gretchen had two answers for this question, but for her, they go hand in hand.

The first bit of wisdom she lives by is, “bad deals only get worse”. Meaning, if something is looking bad or going South, jump ship quickly. In a business context, this pertains to walking away from a business opportunity or a deal because you know it’s only going to be a detriment to you and your organization.

The second piece of  wisdom Gretchen tries to live by is, “Don’t do anything just for the money”. This one is true for her in all facets of life because she believes that money is not the root to fulfillment and happiness. This wisdom ties in with the “bad deals only get worse” because if a person commits to a bad deal or unfavorable job solely for the money, that person may have regret or dissatisfaction as a result. These two wise quotes that Gretchen lives by not only guide her personal life, they also transcend into the culture we uphold at A-Train.