February 8, 2018

When you use a sense of urgency in your marketing and sales materials, it can push your future and current customers to jump to action. But, as we tell the clients of our Denver marketing agency, if you use it too much, you'll come off as the company that cried wolf.

How to Create a Sense of Urgency

Want to get your prospects to stop dragging their feet and take action? Here are some great ways to do it:

Tell them they'll miss out. Retailers like Amazon use this tactic often. If the number of items available for purchase is dwindling, they'll let you know and say, “Only four remaining. Order now!” The person who was on the fence about making the purchase today but sees that message is going to be much more likely to grab one of those items before they lose the opportunity.

Put customers against the clock. Sales pricing can be effective on its own. But as we tell clients at our agency, pair it with a clock that is ticking down the seconds until that great price runs out and you can give customers that extra push to purchase. Even though we all know there will probably be another sale next month (or even next week), seeing the price slip away today is a powerful jolt.

Don't let them lose the opportunity. You know the emails that companies send out to you when you've left items in your cart, but haven't checked out, urging you to come back? That fear of losing your offers or items motivates you to go back and finish the purchase. You’ll almost surely see a surge in interest and purchase activity if you employ this with your own services or products.

Create a friendly competition. Everybody loves winning. Contests and games that pit prospects against one another encourage the desire to “beat” the competition. This feeling can be easily focused on product research and purchase-related behavior.

Helping You Hurry Your Prospects Along!

Urgency is proven to get prospects moving. So, don’t wait! You may not be using these tactics yet, but your competitors surely are! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Whether your goal is increasing brand awareness or closing more sales, A-Train Marketing is a full-service Denver and Colorado marketing agency that can help you achieve it. Contact us today!