Wade loses an appendage

Wade loses an appendageSo, Wade. If someone offered you $5 million for one of your appendages, would you take the deal?

To be honest, I’m pretty attached to each of my appendages and can’t imagine giving up one of them for any sum of money. If I was forced to give up one of my appendages though, I’d probably choose to lose one of my pinky toes. Due to my extreme case of being too tall, I don’t see my feet that often, and I don’t think those toes serve much of a purpose. I probably wouldn’t miss one of those toes too much.

Meet Bethany and her Slothicorn


We asked Bethany what animals she would combine to create a new creature. Her response? The Slothicorn!

I would create a creature that is one part sloth, one part unicorn, and all parts magic – the legendary Slothicorn. This is a creature of great mystery and splendor; a true spectacle to behold. It combines all the cute of the glorious Sloth with the mystery and magic of the Unicorn, and exists to take naps and create joy in the hearts of all who are lucky enough to witness its existence. Behold its majestic moss covered fur, its glistening eyes filled with mischief, its ferocious claws ready to snatch the perfect leaf from the next branch, and its majestic horn from which sparkles and rainbows endlessly gleam. It even exists in oversized and undersized versions, to satisfy all your cuteness needs. Some say, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the Slothicorns talking about how much they love you whenever you are feeling sad.

The Slothicorn may not exist in reality, but it definitely already exists in my heart.

An illustrated drawing of the Slothicorn

The Slothicorn

SJ creates a new holiday


Hey SJ – Create your own holiday. What would it be, how would people celebrate, and on what date would they celebrate? Here’s her answer:

I love all things revolving around themes. In my spare time, and as a hobby, I plan themed parties and throw them for my friends. I love seeing everything come together, and having my guests show up all dressed up for the theme. Each year, I try to throw an epic party with a new theme. Last years big party was ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

With this in mind, my holiday would be Theme Day, and it would fall on the 3rd Saturday in June. Just like the Chinese New Year is represented by an animal each year, a new theme would be chosen for everyone to dress up and have parties based around. People would go all out for Theme Day, with everything from decorations, to food, to costumes. People would be encouraged to dress up and participate in the theme however they could. Theme day would be for people to show their creative sides, and to have fun with the chosen theme.

Adam and his wild side

Adam - Web Programmer

We asked Adam – “What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?” His answer:

I once stalked a mountain lion. I didn’t personally consider it dangerous, but others may.

I was surveying alone in the desert near Tucson, Arizona when the movement of a small deer caught my attention. I was on the top of a desert wash bank looking down upon it. I propped the GPS receiver against a cactus and moved closer to get a better look. Rather than seeing the deer, I saw a mountain lion moving slowly in a half stalking stance, about thirty feet behind the deer.

The wind was moving at a good clip, right down the wash. I decided to do some stalking of my own – I climbed into the wash and proceeded up the wash. I followed the two animals for about a mile. Due to the wind direction and the sound dampening nature of it, I was able to close the gap to probably about twenty feet. To this day I must assume that the cat was simply too focused on his prey to notice myself in chase. My twisted mind was telling me, “Boy I wonder if I can get close enough to pet this guy.”

The end result was a bit non climactic. I simply ran out of negotiable terrain. The wash became engulfed with cat claw shrubs and the two animals disappeared into the dense brush. I will never know if the predator eventually got the best of its prey. Perhaps driving the deer into the dense brush was all part of the plan.

To Be or Not To Be…Social

Social Media and Mental HealthAs a marketer, you know that social media is important, though it makes you interact with an audience on a much more personal level than you normally would. What that audience chooses to share can be difficult to predict or monitor. The volume of activity can also be overwhelming, and when you don’t have the budget or capacity of a multi-national corporation, how are you supposed to support someone monitoring your social media on a consistent basis? While you may not be able to see it now, the benefits of online engagement can far outweigh the negatives. Continue reading