August 9, 2018

Congratulations to the City of Fort Collins on their recent recognition for their Healthy Homes program! The City was given the 2018 HUD Secretary’s Award for Healthy Homes, which was one of only four in the country, and was based on the outcome of the City's collaboration with A-Train and Rocket Jones.

City Leaders Tap A-Train Marketing Website Design Firm to Expand the Reach of the Healthy Homes Program

Poor indoor air quality in a home can have a negative impact on residents and their visitors. To address the issue, the City of Fort Collins established a unique and tremendously successful, volunteer-driven initiative in 2011 called the Healthy Homes program. However, the demand for home inspections exceeded the City’s ability to deliver them.

Unfazed, officials knew there had to be a way to assist even more residents. The answer? An online DIY home assessment tool with an app-like interface created in collaboration with A-Train’s graphic design and user experience (U/X) design teams. Not only is the interface eye-catching and highly intuitive, following A-Train’s recommendation to create an interface instead of a standalone app, the city reaped significant savings in project costs. A-Train’s partner in this initiative, Rocket Jones, provided skillful code writing, testing, and app launch experience to complement our project leadership and U/X design expertise.

Since then, more than 800 in-home assessments have been performed and 2,475 residents, 19 percent of whom have asthma, have been reached by volunteer Master Home Educators.

Helping People Maintain Healthier Homes

Fort Collins residents now have access to a free tool for improving their living environments. The City of Fort Collins received much-deserved recognition for their Healthy Homes initiative. And, A-Train and Rocket Jones were delighted to raise a glass to a job well done.

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