Solvista Health Partners

Spreading the word about Solvista Health and its integrative care offering.

Solvista Health is a provider of mental health services and integrative care with five locations in small Colorado mountain communities. The goal of the new brand was to better communicate the organization’s contemporary approach to care that includes both physical and mental health assessment and treatment.

WestCentral Old Logo Solvista New Logo

Crafting an
Approachable Brand

Solvista’s previous brand, West Central Mental Health Center, had a look that did not connect with their communities or portray the company’s personality. The client felt that the term ’mental health’ no longer described the expanded breadth of their services. A-Train came up with a new name for the organization and developed a more upbeat visual aesthetic to go along with it. The name and brand capture the idea of the new beginnings that come with treatment and recovery.

A Unique Way to Reach Area Residents

A-Train also took on the challenge of increasing Solvista’s visibility in its service area, providing strategic guidance on how to optimize its budget for various advertising efforts. A-Train completely redesigned the organization’s website with bright, bold colors and ample white space to portray a sense of hope and optimism. The result is enhanced credibility for Solvista’s most visible point of contact, improved visitor experience and a more welcoming persona for the organization.

Introducing Integrated Health

The focus of much of A-Train’s ongoing work with Solvista Health has been on educating area residents about integrative health—the concept that physical and mental wellbeing are closely intertwined. By all accounts, the branding and informational initiatives have been successful in helping people understand the value of identifying and treating physical health issues that impact overall wellbeing. Today, Solvista is a respected resource for area residents and a preferred care provider for a wide range of conditions.