Platte River Power Authority

PRPA Connects With Its Community Using A-Train’s Array of Marketing Services

Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) is the municipality-owned wholesale energy provider for the Colorado communities of Estes Park, Loveland, Longmont, and Fort Collins. It generates power across a diverse energy portfolio.

PRPA Stationary

Lighting Up an Established Brand

When new marketing leadership at PRPA led to a new perspective on the organization’s visual identity, A-Train coordinated a comprehensive rebranding initiative. From a bison logo that represents strength and resilience (and is also a nod to a company-owned bison herd), to a brighter color palette, the brand was rebuilt from the ground up with a cleaner, more inviting, more community-focused look and feel.

Annual Reports That Get Read

As important as they are, annual reports are not typically a compelling read. A-Train used interesting layouts, colorful graphics, and generous spacing to make PRPA’s report engaging and easy on the eyes.

Rolling Out a Full Set of Roll-Ups

Maintaining a strong community connection is a priority for PRPA, and the company participates in many events each year. A-Train designed trade show banners, table throws, and a wide variety of other materials to support the brand at these appearances.

An Engaging and Informative Website

The purpose of PRPA’s website is to educate consumers about where their energy comes from, how it is produced, and how the company is focused on environmental stewardship. The old site was ineffective in all these areas, so A-Train overhauled it and the new site serves as a useful resource for everyone from city governments to teachers and students who want to know more about power generation.

2015 APPA
“Excellence in Communications” Awards - Award of Merit - 2014 Annual Report
2018 APPA
“Excellence in Communications” Awards - Award of Merit - Web and Social Campaigns - IRP microsite

The Benefits of Brand Recognition

Navigating the representation of four distinct communities (Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Loveland), each with diverse populations is a challenge that PRPA has risen to. The PRPA brand enables each community to tell their own story, but also collectively provides overarching brand recognition and continuity. The brand materials that A-Train delivered enable PRPA to control brand perception, communicate that it cares about the community and the environment, and values northern Colorado energy consumers. Moving forward, A-Train looks forward to helping PRPA evolve along with these communities and plan for a successful future.