North Range Behavioral Health

A modernized brand for a modernized approach to mental health care

Like many community mental health clinics, what became today’s North Range Behavioral Health started decades ago as a very “institutional” brand. But, as time went on, North Range found it necessary to evolve and define itself as an organization focused on a contemporary, whole-person approach to care. A modernized, more accessible brand was developed, creating the foundation for stronger campaigns and outreach.

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Focused on Recovery When the Stakes are High

In response to an alarming increase in drug use, including in pregnant women and mothers, North Range launched a new campaign to move women with substance use disorder to action.

Hitting on the fact that substance use disorder in pregnant women and moms not only affects them, but also impacts their unborn child or other children, A-Train created ads with photos of pregnant women and mothers with young children along with the statement, “Focus on recovery. For you. For them.”

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

Simple but powerful, the ad campaign’s message was crafted to inspire mothers to seek or continue drug and/or alcohol treatment. Ads were displayed on Facebook and in physical locations, such as bus benches, to ensure visibility across a variety of different audiences.

Campaign Results from 2017

Visits to the campaign-focused landing page
People reached through Facebook and Instagram ads
Average estimated weekly impressions for each outdoor ad

“They've become experts in the behavioral health field, and I know I can count on them as partners in our efforts.”

The Power of Perception

“A-Train is incredibly responsive and attentive. They spend the time to understand our needs, pushing back if necessary, but always listening to the realities of our not-for-profit budget and time frames. They’ve become experts in the behavioral health field, and I know I can count on them as partners in our efforts.” - Joanna Sinnwell, Business Development & Marketing Director

When it comes to getting people to seek treatment for behavioral health issues, changing perceptions and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health is half the battle. The organization’s modern branding and impactful campaigns have enhanced North Range’s credibility and made it easier to engage with clients who are looking for an accessible, progressive provider and trusted healthcare partner.