City of Fort Collins Healthy Homes

Crafting the Simplest Solution for Do-it-Yourself Home Health and Safety Inspections

Healthy Homes is an award-winning free program of the City of Fort Collins, CO aimed at improving the air quality and safety in the homes of city residents by reducing chemical and biological pollutants and identifying safety risks. Volunteer Master Home Educators conduct inspections upon request and provide occupants with information on low cost or no cost solutions to any issues discovered. There was one problem with the Healthy Homes program: it became too successful.

How much success is too much?

Ultimately, the number of requests for home inspections exceeded the City’s ability to provide them. Adding a DIY component to the program was identified as the best solution, and the City reached out to A-Train for help.

When is a mobile app not a mobile app?

The City initially wanted a mobile app that would allow users to conduct their own home inspections. However, that approach came with significant development time and expense. Instead, A-Train proposed a cost-effective, mobile-friendly, web-based tool that has the look, feel and functionality of a mobile app.

Creative solution. Exceptional results.

Focused on delivering a solution that is feature-rich yet intuitive, A-Train succeeded in making a complex process simple. The home self-assessment tool covers seven key areas
  • Ventilation
  • Mold
  • Chemical contamination
  • Cleanliness
  • Pests
  • Home maintenance
  • Safety
Healthy Homes Graphic
When the process is complete, the user receives a report listing areas of concern ranked by importance. The City is thrilled with the new tool and the outstanding user experience it delivers, and the results indicate that residents are as well:
DIY assessments performed in first year (compared to 92 in-home assessments)
Increase in number of assessments completed

Healthy Homes and National, HUD Recognition

The icing on the cake was the City of Fort Collins’ Healthy Homes program being one of four nationwide to receive the 2018 HUD Secretary’s Award for Healthy Homes, and the DIY assessment tool being singled out as one of the primary reasons for the honor. But, the real winners are residents who now have an easy way to perform a fully customized assessment of their home and use the results to make positive health- and safety-related changes. A-Train put a great deal of thought into the user experience and how the tool would function so users don’t have to.