Green House Homes at Mirasol

Helping an innovative senior living community raise awareness and funds through their capital campaign.

Affordable care and housing for seniors is important. When Loveland Housing Authority embarked on a capital campaign for their Green House Homes at Mirasol senior living community, they were responsible for creating the program’s identity from scratch. To raise funds, they needed a fresh identity for the innovative national program. A-Train created a suite of materials for their campaign to reimagine eldercare.


Visuals That
Convey "Vitality"

The Green House movement gets its name from the place where plants are nurtured — a metaphor for how seniors, like plants, thrive in its communities. A-Train took its inspiration from green houses as well and crafted a brand identity that uses an organic color palette with green, yellows and shades of blue. Polished, professional pieces have helped the Green House team gain credibility when talking with potential donors.


Raised at the
Green Brunch Gala
$1.25+ MM

Raised to date

Capital campaign goal that
is now attainable

A Multi-Purpose Platform The landing page A-Train developed for Green House Homes at Mirasol accomplishes two things. First, it educates visitors on the organization’s unique approach. Second, it’s a platform for donations that are critical to the community’s success.

Much-Needed Green

The organization had a one-year window during which there were tax incentives for donors. With the clock ticking, A-Train stepped up the campaign by adding digital display ads to the capital campaign strategy.

Display ads set brands apart and help deliver unique ad experiences to their audiences. To increase awareness of and engagement with Green House Homes’ capital campaign, animated ads direct viewers to the landing page. Display ads increase a campaign’s engagment rate when paired with other digital advertising - just what the project needed with their short window of campaign time.

Gif from HTML5 Ads.

A Senior Living Community with a Growing Reputation

Green House Homes at Mirasol came to A-Train with a compelling vision for a new kind of senior living environment but no way to communicate it to the public and prospective donors. From strong branding and an engaging website, to a successful capital campaign and digital marketing initiatives, the community is now able to connect effectively with target donors and potential residents. And its reputation for quality care is growing.