November 17, 2021

Digital advertising isn’t always about how many people you’re trying to reach.

We're often worried about the numbers when it comes to advertising performance. And while quantity is often a solution, it is not the exact answer to every problem. Hyper-targeting is focused less on how many people we’re talking to, but rather, ensuring who we are talking to are the ones that matter for a campaign or project.

We’ve seen recent success with hyper-targeting for a client we have in the Colorado area. We reigned our audience down by targeting our client’s specific competitors’ locations in a precise geographical region.

Digital ads and hypertargeting map of Colorado

As a result, we saw an incredible response, with a high number of qualified candidates applying for open positions with the client. This opened the conversation to further work with more branches of the business and a wider campaign.

The key with our hyper-targeting digital system in advertising is not keeping a broad audience. It’s refined. By identifying key specific measurements that correlate to the campaign and effort we’re putting together, we can make sure we’re not engaging people who are likely uninterested in the call to action or activity we’re asking them to take on.

We’re finding out the areas where the advertising matters. We’re identifying those who have interest in what we’re offering. And while that isn’t anything new in social and digital advertising, it’s the specificity in who we’re reaching that matters most.

The audience size isn’t as important as the quality. Who we’re targeting is the key factor. Eliminating regions, while targeting others, among other specific audience segments, ensures we’re capitalizing on every impression and click.

Sometimes, a campaign needs a broader reach because you are at the beginning of a process or discovering who your audience is. However, other times you know exactly where they reside, and also what they’re interested in. As a result, we use hyper-targeting when that audience is known and definable.

How can we help you find the right target?

Let us know if you need specific discussions to happen with an audience or you still need a large outreach to figure out who’s interested in your business. Either way, we’re happy to help you find that audience.