June 7, 2022

How A-Train collaborated with an important mental health client for their 50th anniversary.

North Range Behavioral Health, a mental and behavioral health provider in Northern Colorado with over 19 locations and 600 team members, needed to plan the celebration of their upcoming 50th anniversary. They came to A-Train Marketing to collaborate in creating the theme of the large event and a wide number of pieces to commemorate the event.

The biggest challenge? We didn’t know where the world would be by the time the event started. Planning and strategy began in the thick of the Covid-19, seeing lockdowns and constant need for pivoting regarding masks, safe-distance protocols, and more. How do you plan a year-long celebration while not knowing if you’ll be able to come together in person during a time where the world was changing all the time?

We started where we could: by embracing the truth of the circumstances and working where we could. Determining what we could do, while also delivering regular services for them as they pivoted how they provided their mental and behavioral health outreach, we thought about their community.

As regulations lifted and in-person school and events were returning, it was a welcoming sensation. We embraced that and delivered this concept for their anniversary: Feeling Golden.

Utilizing the tradition of gold for the 50th year, it also captured the overall goals of North Range, and the sense of what we wanted for the upcoming year in 2022. The theme of the event allowed us to embrace the three-fold challenge of the anniversary:

  1. What North Range delivers as mental health service provider.
  2. Commemorate the occasion.
  3. Where we believed we’d be by the time the event would begin.

We created this central theme and used it to build a wide number of designs and creative pieces. We built a comprehensive campaign that could embrace the entire year, allowing the organization to celebrate throughout and also leave room for adjustments if necessary. The creative design started with a thematic logo for “Feeling Golden,” a way to integrate the event while also integrating North Range’s standard logo.

North Range Feeling Golden Logo

Once North Range fell in love with the visual concept, seeing the potential and warmth it paralleled from messaging to logo, we got to work on the rest of the campaign.

We built a Feeling Golden playlist, 50 songs from each year of North Range’s existence in helping improve mental and behavioral health in their community. With the playlist, you could hear the music change with the times, but still celebrate the respective year. You can listen to the playlist here and hear the style of music change, but the joy of a great song remains forever.

Each of North Range’s locations also received a poster to place in their lobby with “50 Ways to Feel Golden,” helpful tips to deliver beneficial mental health tips, and ways to improve your mental health. This elevated their social media and website as well, allowing for a long-term campaign by posting the methods for mental health improvement, and making the poster downloadable on their website to spread helpful suggestions in Feeling Golden in both English and Spanish versions.

In addition, we helped design Challenge Coins they can hand out to the vital staff and volunteers who were a pivotal part of North Range’s past, present, and future.

We also built a massive 60-page booklet on North Range’s history to commemorate their storied history. From talking about the key leadership, and the tragic events of the area when they were needed the most, to the benefits of North Range’s presence in the Northern Colorado area, the booklet allowed A-Train to know North Range’s story better than ever and be a part of the momentous celebration.

Feeling Golden magazine mockup

Beyond those pieces, we built email signatures, anniversary banners, eblast and social templates, Zoom backgrounds, invitations to ribbon cutting events, and schwag. Nearly every aspect of the year-long celebration was thought out and made through a collaborative relationship between A-Train Marketing and North Range Behavioral Health.

All of this was built while working on the regular marketing and design support they needed to keep their region supported during one of the most unprecedented challenges on Colorado’s mental health. Our work with North Range captured our deep desire to help mental health facilities and local providers of support services, making our marketing a better reflection of the world we want to see. The design elements and thought-out strategic elements and creative elements gave us a challenging and rewarding creative campaign.