May 17, 2021

"Progress is impossible without change."
– George Bernard Shaw

Our company consistently looks for ways to add value. Whether it’s advancing our clients’ success through effective marketing strategies, or advancing what we are capable of ourselves, we are always striving to improve our contributions to our industry and our world.

Which is why we are both proud, and excited, to announce we’re opening a new window of opportunities via an ownership change in A-Train. Timothy Zercher, also the founder of Z3 Digital, an agency that specializes in the latest digital trends, strategies, and tools, has taken ownership of A-Train and is steering our team to new possibilities. This creates a partnership where the two agencies can challenge, and complement, one another. With a wide array of industry experts working together, A-Train can provide new services and opportunities for all their clients, both existing and new.

“This partnership allows us to work on thought leadership and expanding processes to be more custom and specialized to our clients’ needs,” said Zercher.

And thankfully, the strong strategic foundation that helped A-Train stay in business for over two decades will remain. While Gretchen and Ryan are stepping away as owners, they will continue to be part of A-Train’s strategic services team as consultants, diving further into the facilitated strategic marketing planning program they’ve spent years perfecting.

“What we really love to do is facilitate our deep-dive discovery sessions, create brand-focused and audience-driven marketing plans, and work with clients to drive results,” said Keiffer.

In discussing what they hope to see as the transition continues, Gaede explained, “What motivated us was giving A-Train and the team more opportunities to grow. All current team members are included in the vision for A-Train moving forward, and Timothy has some exciting strategies and visions for where to take the agency from here.”

We’re excited to talk about the new opportunities our partnership with Z3 Digital will bring. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and discuss where we can go. Now that we have new places to take you and your business, we can’t wait to show you the exciting paths we’re paving for the road ahead.

A-Train Transition Q&A

We know there are lots of questions about this transition. So we thought we’d use this video to answer some of the most asked, including:

  • Are Ryan and Gretchen having a mid-life crisis?
  • Are Ryan and Gretchen getting a divorce?
  • Why are they making this bold (crazy?) move?
  • Who is this new owner anyway?
  • How many people are losing their jobs?
  • Where’s the train headed next?
  • What are Ryan and Gretchen going to do now?