December 12, 2019

Don’t mistake the absence of a traditional ad for a lack of advertising.

Streaming on-demand video is quickly overtaking traditional television in popularity. Many people will tell you they prefer streaming because you no longer have to wade through long commercial breaks just to see what happens to your favorite characters. But don’t mistake the absence of a traditional ad for a lack of advertising. Product placement is everywhere these days, some placements are seamlessly integrated into the storyline and some are on the nose and part of the joke. Here’s a list of (our favorite) stand-out product placements in TV shows and movies...




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Apple Products

House of Cards

Is that Kevin Spacey behind all those Apple products?
Dunkin Donuts

House of Cards

A company owned by Bill Gates is placing companies’ products in Netflix and Amazon shows
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Orange is the New Black

6 Product Placements on TV So Good You Didn’t Realize You Were Being Sold Something
West Elm

Queer Eye

Netflix Is Ramping Up Its Ads Business. But Not in the Way You Think
Coca Cola (New Coke)

Stranger Things

Top 20 Movie/TV Product Placements
Eggo, KFC, Burger King, Coca Cola (copromotional not strictly product placement)

Stranger Things

More Product Placements May Come to Netflix but Don't Call Them Ads
Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Tin Cup Whiskey, Makers Mark

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Drinking Scenes

Into the Dark

MillerCoors Bets Hulu Product Placements Are the Next Big Thing in Beer Advertising


Traditional TV & Movies



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Coca Cola

Breaking Bad

Bogdan... "As Is"


Breaking Bad

Denny "Box Cutter"
Toyota Prius

Modern Family

Modern Family Drive Toyota Prius

Iorn Man/Avengers

How Marvel Fuels Profits For Audi


Subaru’s Ride With ‘Portlandia’ Is a Playful One

Transformers II

Most Expensive GM Ad Ever

New Girl

2014 Ford Fusion Product Placement


Overt Placements are in on the Joke



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30 Rock

Bogdan... "As Is"

Pizza Hut

Wayne's World

Denny "Box Cutter"



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