December 18, 2023

When marketing your products and services, as the saying goes, “It’s a jungle out there.”

It’s also a desert… a digital desert. There is so much territory to explore that it’s easy to get lost.

Still, digital marketing growth continues to outpace traditional advertising by a wide margin. Why? Because it works. That’s great news for you if you’re leveraging digital marketing channels. If you’re not, that’s a problem for your brand for many reasons, not the least of which is that your competitors are reaching (and winning over) audience segments that may not even know you exist.

But you can catch up quickly as you venture into the “marketing wild,” especially if you have a trusted and experienced guide.

Turning Away From “Spray and Pray” Advertising

You’ve probably heard humorous phrases used to poke fun at traditional advertising. Some call it the “spray and pray” approach, referring to the fact that it isn’t particularly targeted and doesn’t deliver consistent returns on marketing investments.

This isn’t to say there’s no place for traditional advertising. It can play a vital role if the type of campaign calls for it or an audience has shown itself to be influenced by it. However, problems arise when organizations rely on traditional advertising exclusively.

Digital marketing is often a better tactic for multiple reasons, including that it:

  • Can be tailored to meet specific marketing and sales goals
  • Can target prospects or customers based on countless criteria
  • Can be carefully tracked to determine the return on marketing spend

In general, digital marketing can help you connect with audience members where and when they’re most receptive to your offerings.

Getting Your Bearings in the Digital Desert

Just like you wouldn’t attempt to cross the Sahara on a whim, you shouldn’t venture into the digital desert unprepared. Knowing how you want to proceed requires asking yourself critical questions about your current marketing approach.

The long list of important points to ponder includes things like:

  • Do you utilize display advertising?
  • Are you using landing pages to increase conversions from website visitors?
  • Are you familiar with retargeting?
  • Do you have a strategy for paid social advertising?
  • Have you ever used audio advertising?
  • Are you actively managing your company’s reputation?
  • Do you utilize email marketing?
  • Is video a part of your overall marketing plan?

It’s not a problem if your answer to some, many, or all these questions is “No.” What matters is determining your digital marketing “baseline” so that you understand where you are today and your opportunities for future improvement.

As a full-service agency with decades of experience and a long track record of helping organizations meet their business objectives, A-Train can assist you in developing your marketing strategy. We do that by going beyond simply recommending initiatives that were successful for other clients.

Our team gets to know your company, marketing group, audience, past marketing strategies, etc., so we can provide customized advice and guidance. That deep understanding of your objectives is useful now and can also be beneficial if you need additional assistance down the road.

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