December 13, 2018

Okay, so, the headline is a mashup of everything prognosticated to predominate the graphic design-isphere in 2019. Let’s not get hung up on what dreaminess may come, but rather douse our eyeballs in some of the hopeful directions, and fuel our brains with high-octane color-fueled inspiration.

1. Brain boggling gradients

Now that our phones have more pixel power than that archaic 1080p big screen in your living room, vibrant mind-blowing color gradients are exploding in band-free exuberance.


2. Duotonality

Still bold and packed with nostalgia, duotones are making a huge comeback, incorporating waves of the aforementioned gradation. Expect to see this trend boom.

(source: Anton Avilov on Dribbble)

3. Hand-drawn typography

Easy like life once was, hand-drawn type, logos, and graphic elements are reminding us of our authentic roots.


4. Futurismic abstraction

Like cosmic radiation showering in post-fractalistic pixie dust, designers are boldly going where none have dared before.


5. Simplistically negative

Negative space and simplified graphics are clean and fresh. Logos are pairing down to their core elements, and brand identity is proving that less is so much more pleasing.


6. Metallica

Heavy metal is making a comeback that has nothing to do with crunchy power chords. Metallic elements are bringing some subtly refined bling to logos and design elements in print and digital.

(source: Adobe stock image)

7. Colorific

Big color is coming. Solid. Gradated. Duotoned. Explosive. Bold swaths of color will dominate our design palette. Impressionistic, mondrianesque, rothkoniptic color will fill our negative space.

(source: twopotsdesign)

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