March 2, 2022

Would you rather read an article or watch a short video?

Clearly, right now you are reading an article on this instead of watching a video, but current research shows that the vast majority of consumers prefer short informative and/or entertaining videos. Some stats that back this up:

88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

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People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles, and product pages.

Not all video content has the same value though. Below are some of the most successful video types:

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Behind-the-scenes videos: Consumers love to see how products are made from beginning to end.

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Employee features: Videos of fun activities your employees participate in can make your brand feel more personal and are entertaining for consumers to watch.

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Informational: Short animated videos with infographics can relay a large amount of information quickly and easily.

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Product features: Instead of telling your customers about all the cool things your products can do, show them.

One great video might not work for all your social platforms. Some social media platforms put a limit on how long your videos can be. So, what is the ideal video length for different platforms? Here is what we have found out both from research and experimentation:

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Facebook allows up to 240 minutes. However, data shows that 2 minutes or less is ideal.

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Twitter only allows 30 seconds. Use this as a way to put out teaser information that will lead your customers to another platform with more information.

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Instagram allows up to 60 seconds. Data has shown that 30 second videos perform better than the full minute, though.

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YouTube allows up to 15 minutes, but 2-minute videos perform better.

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TikTok allows videos up to 1 minute created on their platform. However, you can upload longer videos that were created elsewhere. Often the best approach with TikTok is to pick a single uniform style/topic/theme for all your videos, then refer audiences to your other platforms for more in-depth videos or content on other topics.

Once you have your strategy, implement it and be consistent. With constant content creation and scheduling, if videography is not your strong point, you can always hire a digital marketing agency to create and post them for you. A-Train Marketing has experts that would love to take your marketing to the next level with quality social video content.

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