September 14, 2021

A few years ago, video production was hard to discuss unless high budgets were available. However, as inexpensive lenses and high-quality audio equipment get better, video becomes readily accessible. And with the surge of podcasts and lighting being smaller and more adaptable, the world of video production has changed.

Gone are the days of massive cameras. Crews can fit 6K cameras into carry-on bags to fly to a shoot. Adjustable lights help instantly adjust contrast and colors to allow for any mood and setting. Large video villages are replaced with apps that sync cameras to tablets and smartphones, allowing anyone on set to see what is being filmed.

This is a showcase of how video production is changing in general. The pricing of production has changed too as equipment and the methods of filming have altered. Ad agencies like ours in Colorado are able to have their own cameras, rather than rely on renting and outsourcing experts or production companies, bringing the ability for cheaper production with strong quality to the videos themselves.

tiktok sprite commercial

In addition, creativity can come from anywhere. Recently, a TikTok rockstar, @ashhasacamera, filmed commercials in her dorm room to see what she could create. After her unsponsored video for Sprite went viral and reached over 5 million views, she was approached by major brands to produce similar content. All from her dorm. Going to show that massive set rentals and permit filming are being challenged too.

With new, more accessible equipment available, comes new opportunities. And we here at A-Train are looking at ways to keep video (which remains the king of social content), at the forefront with costs and everyone’s safety in mind.

There are a number of ways to film a video for a brand. The only questions are: what does the video need to say and how can you make it happen? There are more options than ever and with accessible technology, creativity is within reach once you have a concept to tackle.

Our staff member, JP, on a video production set in Pueblo, Colorado

How have you changed your video for 2021?

We’d love to help you out. Reach out to us if you need video production in your advertising calendar. We’re happy to chat about ways to find the right frequency, quality, and budget.