December 16, 2015

Marketing and advertising – it’s not exactly what Mad Men portrayed it to be – especially these days. Over the years, it’s evolved substantially, especially with the introduction of digital and social media marketing. So, how can you effectively reach your audience in today’s world? Check out the 10 tips below

  1. Print advertising isn’t the only kind of advertising. Diversify your strategy – look at digital display ads, as well as social media marketing. Not only can you set your own budget, but you receive much more detailed analytics that let you know how your ads perform.
  2. Visual is better. People love it when brands use media, like photos and videos, to tell a story. It’s easily digestible, and better yet, sharable.
  3. Data, data everywhere. One of the great things about marketing and advertising in today's world is the data. Make sure you’re utilizing it all – from Google Analytics to Facebook Insights – to better know and understand your audience and what motivates them.
  4. Connections grow your organization. Sometimes, customers and clients respond better to organizations when they’ve got a personal connection. Go out of your way to connect with people at conferences, networking events, or just while you’re out and about.
  5. Keep your competitors close. It’s important to know what your competitors are up to. Know their audience, their strengths, and their weaknesses so you can always stay one step ahead.
  6. Strategize. It’s too easy to think of marketing on a project-to-project basis. Slow down a bit, and think of the full, beautiful picture. It’s amazing how effective marketing is when everything works together.
  7. Make your website responsive. If your website doesn’t easily translate from desktop, to tablet, to phone, you should consider making it responsive. More people now use their mobile devices than desktop computers to browse the internet, so make sure your website plays nice.
  8. Google your organization – not just your name. Search using industry and service words your audience would use.
  9. Collaboration is key. Collaborate with people in all areas of your organization, not just the marketing department (if you’re lucky enough to have one) to gain new insights and ideas. You’d be amazed at the creativity that some people can bring to the table.
  10. Focus on brand continuity. If your brand changes across platforms, you’ve got a problem. Customers and clients need to be able to find and easily identify you by your branding, whether it’s a print ad in the local newspaper, or across your social media channels.