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Digital marketing is a buzzy term, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all it encompasses. A-Train’s accomplished team of digital and web specialists can help you navigate the confusing worlds of digital advertising (paid search, paid social and digital display), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, e-mail, analytics and more, ensuring maximum return on investment.

A-Train Marketing is an experienced, successful and trusted digital marketing agency with two decades in the business, Google Partner status, multiple digital certifications and a long list of satisfied clients. Contact us today if you’ve got questions about our services; our digital marketing experts are happy to answer them.

Check out our digital marketing webinar and the glossary of terms below to gain a better understanding of this ever-changing landscape.


Glossary of Terms:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your organization’s organic position on internet search engine results pages (SERPs) in order to increase your visibility and drive more visitors to your website.

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of materials like blogs, case studies, white papers, videos, webinars and social media posts that don’t overtly promote your brand, but engage and inform your audience to create a relationship with them.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a model where a company pays a certain amount each time a visitor clicks on a link to the advertiser’s website. These links can be in search engine results (“paid search”), where the advertiser’s listing is guaranteed to be at the top of page one; on social media platforms such as Facebook (“paid social”) or they can be fully animated “digital display” ads that appear on the most popular websites across the internet.

Remarketing is a digital marketing technique in which people who have visited your website and viewed information on specific products or services see ads for those offerings displayed on other sites that they subsequently visit.

Email marketing uses visually appealing and engaging email messages to targeted groups or individuals to generate interest in your products or services.

Directory listings are online collections of links to websites grouped by a theme or focus area.

Social media marketing is the process of drawing attention to your company’s offerings by posting information, images, promotions, etc., on any of the many social media platforms in use today.

Reputation management encompasses the actions you take to manage your online reviews – responding appropriately to negative reviews, and encouraging more positive reviews from satisfied customers.


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