Client Approval and Proofing Agreement

Final proofing is the sole responsibility of the customer. This copy has been proofed TWICE by A-Train Marketing Communications, but this does not necessarily mean that it is 100% correct. We may not have detected an error.

If you OK this proof and errors are discovered, IT WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Any changes incurred after proofs are approved will be charged accordingly to the client. We will correct our own errors without charge provided they are noted on this proof!

IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY PROOFED THIS DOCUMENT you must review the entire document again to make sure that information has not been deleted or changed.

Please help us by reviewing the attached proof carefully. We have included a checklist for your convenience, which will aid us in identifying any inconsistencies within the proof. Please complete all highlighted areas below:

  • Creative Concept

  • Copy/Text

  • Layout

  • Graphics

  • Overall content

  • Details

  • Please check one of the following Proof Approvals. Include comments in the area below.