Wag Resort

Conveying an Elevated Pet Care Experience for Wag Resort

Wag Resort provides boarding, daycare, training, and grooming for dogs in Grand Junction, Colorado. Not your average kennel, Wag is a resort that treats its canine clients to high-end services, and the company needed to make that clear to pet owners.

The Perfect Environment for any Pooch

To help Wag generate more awareness and business for its boarding services, A-Train created a series of playful direct mail places that highlighted the personality of a particular type of dog (the old dog, the small dog, etc.) and how Wag can accommodate its particular needs.

Going Big with Digital Billboards

To draw attention to Wag’s four service lines, A-Train developed simple but impactful ads for display on digital billboards in key locations around the area. Each featured an eye-catching image of a dog with minimal text and a clear call to action. Like the mailers, the billboard ads were designed to be humorous and memorable.

New Designs for Key Wag Web Pages

Although Wag had a website, certain key pages needed a refreshed design. Unhappy with the work from another firm, Wag tapped A-Train to create more polished and visually appealing layouts. A-Train then went the extra step of ensuring the designs were properly integrated into the site.

Positioning Wag as a Bark Above

A-Train’s work with Wag Resort successfully positioned them as the area’s premier provider of luxury boarding and pet care services. It also created greater brand awareness that will continue to pay dividends both with Grand Junction residents and tourists who want to reward Rover with a few nights at a high-end retreat.