Communicating Cancer Treatment Advances to Two Very Different Audiences

VetDC is a cutting-edge startup focused on finding anti-cancer therapies for companion animals. The company takes pharmaceuticals that produced positive results for humans in clinical trials but were shelved for various reasons and assesses their efficacy in treating cancer in pets. VetDC came to A-Train for guidance on how best to connect with its veterinarian and pet owner audiences.

Advancing Science. Inspiring Hope.

A-Train executed a complete rebranding of VetDC to help the organization reach its two target audiences. The new tagline that was developed clearly and concisely captures the company’s dual focus: Advancing Science. Inspiring Hope. Similarly, the visuals speak both to the scientific sophistication veterinarians are looking for in cancer research and the sense of connection with a companion animal that families feel even more acutely when their pet has been diagnosed with cancer.

Messaging Consistency is Key

When rolling out and later maintaining a brand, it’s critical that it is applied consistently across all communications channels. A-Train ensured that VetDC’s new visual identity is used properly everywhere it appears — from brochures to website to ads — and that it effectively carries the twin messages of science and hope.

Taking the VetDC Message on the Road

Attending trade shows is an excellent way for VetDC to connect with the veterinary oncology community. A-Train used family imagery on new trade show pop-up banners and other materials to emphasize the mission the company shares with veterinarians of helping people care for beloved companion animals.

Slide desk with computer with the vetDC website on it

When it comes to search rankings for terms like “canine lymphoma,” the competition is fierce, especially since educational and government entities benefit from the default domain authority given to them by Google. Even so, A-Train was able to create digital and content strategies that have helped VetDC achieve Page 1 organic rankings on a number of key terms. This, paired with the new website design A-Train created, help ensure VetDC is recognized as a leader in their field.

A Rising Ranking Drives More Website Traffic

Growth in organic search traffic year-over-year
Paid search and display ad impressions over an 8 month period
Unique people reached with Facebook ads over 8 months

Marketing and Medications Delivering Positive Results

A-Train’s expertise in creating separate yet connected messages for two distinct audiences and strategically delivering that messaging to those stakeholders has helped VetDC establish itself as an innovator and leader in its space. Multichannel campaigns that encompass everything from traditional print media to digital outlets are generating positive results for a company that is doing the same for the veterinarians and families it supports.