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Taking Canine Lymphoma Treatment to a New Level

TANOVEA-CA1 is the first FDA conditionally approved drug for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs. An alternative to traditional approaches like chemotherapy, TANOVEA-CA1 is both proven effective and more convenient than other treatment protocols. VetDC, the company behind the product, knew that a one-of-a-kind treatment would require promotion that was equally specialized, and came to A-Train for help with reaching its two audiences: veterinarians and pet owners.

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Effective Communication and FDA Compliance

When marketing an FDA-approved product, there are a number of requirements that must be met (the use of all caps in the TANOVEA-CA1 product name is one example). A-Train collaborated with VetDC to develop creative and effective strategies for promoting TANOVEA-CA1 that stayed within FDA guidelines.

Materials Addressing Distinct Motivations

VetDC’s need to explain the benefits of TANOVEA-CA1 to stakeholders in the veterinary community as well as to pet owners meant that A-Train had to develop materials that shared many design and messaging elements but had unique aspects as well. Veterinarians looking for information on issues like efficacy and the impact on a clinic’s operations, and families searching for reassurance in the wake of a canine lymphoma diagnosis, both got what they needed in VetDC’s new collateral.

A Multichannel Approach That Maximizes Impact

A-Train created a multichannel marketing strategy focused heavily on cost-effective digital tactics for driving traffic to the company’s website but also including more traditional aspects such as attending trade shows and maintaining visibility with veterinary trade associations.

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Advertising in
the Digital Era

To round out the website and print materials, A-Train created a series of digital advertisements designed to reach both veterinary professionals and pet owners. The ads added another layer of visibility for VetDC and helped lead to an increase in overall product recognition and sales.

Visits to the TANOVEA-CA1 page from paid search and display ads
Visits to the TANOVEA-CA1 page from Facebook ad clicks

A Problem-Solving Approach to Unique Marketing Challenges

While trying to determine the best way to promote a groundbreaking product that is in a category all its own is not a challenge many marketing firms would want to tackle, A-Train is an agency that thrives in that kind of scenario. Today, with A-Train’s assistance, veterinarians and pet owners have new hope.