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Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative

Creating a Powerful Brand for Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative.

Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) has provided electric service to members in Florida’s Suwannee, Columbia, Hamilton and Lafayette counties since 1940. While the organization’s offerings have always kept pace with consumer needs, its branding and marketing materials had not.

Re-Energizing the
SVEC Brand

SVEC was in need of a comprehensive brand realignment. It had a solid logo and a few core colors, but the various elements of its visual aesthetic—from typography to iconography to photography—had been allowed to drift through the years, resulting in a diluted brand that lacked cohesiveness. Using the organization’s established logo as the foundation, A-Train crafted an entirely new look and feel for SVEC.

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New Opportunities to Promote SVEC

Updated brochures, rack cards and other collateral followed. This included not only revising and enhancing existing pieces, but also designing new items to help SVEC better promote its offerings. For example, A-Train developed a full set of trade show materials to make the organization stand out at events.

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SVEC Folder

Brand Longevity

With SVEC’s updated graphic style locked down and documented, the client has begun to see the tremendous potential that new branding provides for engaging more effectively with consumers. SVEC employees able to create their own materials from template designs that A-Train produced, but they consistently return to the agency for new projects such as a suite of rack cards and event graphics.

Empowering More Memorable Consumer Interactions

Today, SVEC is using its strong, consistent materials to increase brand awareness and create more memorable connections with consumers.