Propel Labs Virtual Product Launch

Propel Labs is a company that produces leading-edge medical research technology. A-Train had worked with them on collateral and tradeshow materials, so when the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to change their in-person product launch plans, they trusted the agency to craft a new digital product launch strategy that provided information to prospects via several channels – with an advanced landing page at its core.

propel labs

Unveiling a 10x Faster Cell Sorter

The revolutionary Bigfoot Cell Sorter instrument performs cell sorting at a rate that’s ten times faster than the competition, so Propel needed a way to emphasize Bigfoot’s truly game-changing nature and communicate the many benefits of this revolutionary product. A-Train developed a comprehensive plan to create some of the energy and excitement of an in-person product launch. The campaign included:

  • An “intrigue” email teaser series leading up to the launch
  • A compelling webinar event where Propel officially unveiled Bigfoot
  • An advanced website “landing page” as the core campaign element
  • Custom photography, presentation materials, and resources including whitepapers, an infographic, and videos

10x Better Landing Page - Detailed Yet Clean

Once Propel had their prospect’s attention, they needed a way to convey Bigfoot’s many benefits. A-Train developed an information-rich and engaging landing page experience the detailed the product complexities without overwhelming the visitor. The solution was to use a variety of visual elements, plus text, video, and animation that display as you scroll down the page. Tremendous thought was put into the information hierarchy as well, providing a high-level “tease” with the ability to drill down for more information. The result was an immersive introduction to Bigfoot through a clean, intuitive interface.

mobile device

Mobile and Interactive

In order to maximize the reach of the Bigfoot digital product launch, A-Train ensured that the landing page was just as dynamic for a phone or tablet user as on a computer. Optimized graphics, expandable content sections, images that “flip” when you scroll through them… all the page elements work equally well on any type of device.

cta mockup


Driving traffic to a landing page was a good first step, but getting people to convert so they could be included in future email marketing campaigns was critical. To help Propel achieve that goal, A-Train created multiple opportunities throughout the landing page for site visitors to download informative resources — after providing their contact information. In particular, three white papers that decision makers in the company’s academic and corporate target markets would find interesting were offered. And to heighten interest, the materials were promoted in advance but only available once the landing page went live on launch day.

propel materials

Eye-Catching Materials and Well-Attended Events

With the landing page as the foundation of the product launch, A-Train developed a variety of other materials—email blast graphics, brochures, a PowerPoint presentation, infographics—to generate anticipation in advance of a product launch webinar and provide ongoing sales support. And this multi-pronged approach was highly successful. At a time when "Zoom fatigue" was running high, more than 400 people stayed for the full 90 minutes of the unveiling. The response was so positive that Propel doubled their sales goal and continued to experience increased demand for additional webinar and personalized presentation sessions for months after the launch.

Quote requests in first 45 days
post-launch webinars conducted to meet demand
Propel doubled their sales objective based on launch response

Immediate and Ongoing Success

One of the best indicators of the success of the Bigfoot launch landing page, marketing blitz, and webinar is that Propel doubled their sales objective based on the initial results. In fact, they found themselves scrambling — in a good way — to keep up with requests for information and quotations.