National Kennel Sales & Appraisals

National Kennel Sales & Appraisals assists with the buying and selling of businesses and their property. In business for over 25 years, they’re “the exclusive, premium brokerage for the pet care industry.” NKSA helps people buy and sell pet-focused businesses with complete confidentiality and a 90 percent closing rate. They also provide appraisals that enable owners to better leverage their assets.

Campaign Planning That Drives Greater Awareness

To ensure that pet business owners nationwide are familiar with NKSA, A-Train manages all of the company’s content and campaigns. From eye-catching creative to testing and optimization, every effort is made to determine what materials and tactics work best for the company and then use that knowledge to increase awareness and position NKSA as a trusted thought leader in their industry.

Enticing Prospects With Free Expertise

In order to attract prospective clients to NKSA’s website, A-Train developed e-blasts, e-newsletters, and mailers that provide valuable information and promise more. Readers who visit the website have access to additional resources like insightful e-books and videos. And to make content creation easy for NKSA, A-Train gets approval on larger pieces like the e-newsletter and then uses its components in other initiatives.

An Impressive Number of Inquiries

If the key to success in business is generating interest in your offerings, the sky’s the limit for NKSA. Their work with A-Train has produced a volume of inquiries that nearly exceeds their ability to manage it. But that’s a good problem for any business to have, and NKSA’s team of pet care industry experts is definitely up to the challenge.