A Longstanding and Productive Relationship with Experts in Livestock Care

MULTIMIN USA sells an injectable supplemental source of zinc, manganese, selenium and copper to ranchers nationwide. The company’s traditional marketing approach is focused on printed materials, print ads, and branded giveaways has served it well for many years. But it became clear that an update was needed to ensure that its packaging and informational materials remained relevant and impactful.

MM Packaging

Giving Product Packaging Enhanced Appeal

A-Train assisted MULTIMIN with updating its product packaging. While only minor changes were made to the fonts and colors, a new print vendor was selected who could apply special coatings to the packaging that allow it to stand out from competitive products. A switch was made to more durable, ranch-ready materials as well.

Ads Throughout the Years

For many companies, print advertising is a thing of the past. For Multimin, it is an integral part of their current (and highly successful) marketing strategy. The company’s target audience still reads print publications and Multimin continues to get in front of them there.

A-Train places roughly 50 ads per month in more than 50 publications, always taking seasonality and environmental factors like drought into account in the ad buy strategy.
A-Train also develops the creative for the ads, using tints of blue (diary) and yellow (beef) to delineate Multimin’s primary markets.

Leveraging the MULTIMIN Logo to Increase Brand Awareness

MULTIMIN’s sales reps know from experience that applying its logo to a wide variety of giveaways helps keep the company top of mind with prospects. MULTIMIN branding has been applied to everything from barn shoots to hotel key cards at tradeshows.

MULTIMIN Stationary

Printed Materials With a Purpose

From brochures to handouts to pieces used in high-volume direct mail campaigns, A-Train designs all the materials that MULTIMIN needs to keep prospects engaged and informed about the company’s offerings.

A Traditional Company
Decides to Go Digital

With A-Train’s assistance for nearly a decade, MULTIMIN has used its traditional marketing tactics to grow at an impressive 10% annually. However, as the next generation of farmers and ranchers takes the reins in the industry, the company knows that it needs to connect with buyers in the digital realm. As MULTIMIN’s trusted marketing partner, A-Train will be driving that transition in the months and years ahead.