Elevated Life for Elevated Living

When the CEO of New Pacific Group came to A-Train, he had an innovative luxury hotel concept in mind and was looking for a marketing agency that could create a brand identity to communicate the essence of that concept. His goal was to get potential investors interested in the project—a tropical, oceanfront paradise in Panama called the Elevida Resort & Wellness Center that not only offers high-end amenities, but also incorporates a vertical farming operation to grow the fruits and vegetables it will serve in its gourmet restaurants.
Elevida Logo

Defining a Brand
to Build On

The client felt that the branding for Elevida would be crucial to attracting the right kind of investors. After an initial palette of punchy, high-contrast, tropical-inspired colors was discussed, it was decided that the best way to communicate the brand’s luxury would be with more subtle hues and a minimalist aesthetic.

Choosing the Ideal Imagery

Imagery selection was more challenging for this project than most. A-Train had to find visuals to speak to the singular experience guests will have at the resort but in a more abstract way since the hotel has not yet been built.

Choosing the Ideal Imagery

There was also the need to obtain images whose minimal contrast and low color saturation mesh with the brand.

Choosing the Ideal Imagery

What’s more, the photography had to cover the three parts of the Elevida story: luxury accommodations, surfside adventures, and eco-friendly vertical farming.

A “Leave Behind” that Leaves Investors Wanting More

How do you get investors moving toward a financial commitment? With a tantalizing taste of the possibilities! The client looked to A-Train to design a brochure that could be handed out at trade shows and other events to entice readers to take the next step. A unique 10”x7” size, high-quality paper, and a premium coating came together as the perfect way to give the brand a physical presence in a piece that says “luxury” without saying too much.

A Background that Brings Luxury to the Foreground

The final piece of the engagement puzzle for Elevida was a beautiful backdrop for the company’s trade show presence. Carrying forward the brand’s soothing color palette, carefully chosen typography, and storytelling imagery, the three banners communicate the hotel concept and describe the company behind it clearly, concisely, and compellingly.

A New Take on Upscale Accommodations

Even as New Pacific Group was in conversation with investors, A-Train’s creative work got some marketing experts talking. The branding, imagery, brochure and trade show banners that gave life to the idea of “conscious luxury” for Elevida earned the agency a Davey Award (Gold) in the Promotional Materials category.