Efficiency Works

Redesigned website delivers enhanced user experience

Efficiency Works coordinates with local contractors, businesses, and residents with energy savings programs. Utilizing energy audit professionals along with their website, Efficiency Works has provided rebates that have saved the equivalent energy use of 10,000 homes.

Connecting With Contractors to Promote the Program

While Efficiency Works serves homeowners and businesses, a key focus is on connecting with the contractors who work with these groups. By making service providers aware of the many rebates available, Efficiency Works greatly expands its reach into the community while also giving contractors who know about the incentives a competitive edge when it comes to booking new business.

Updating the EW Website with a More Effective User Interface (UI)

Developing the right “look and feel” for a website is about much more than aesthetics. It has a significant impact on usability. A-Train updated and solidified the Efficiency Works brand, and developed a simpler, cleaner layout for its site.
Efficiency Works Portfolio
Efficiency Works Portfolio

Building on the New UI for an Enhanced User Experience (UX)

Leveraging improvements made to the website user interface, A-Train completely revised the user experience, reconfiguring the sitemap and streamlining the user journey to make the site more intuitive and significantly easier to use.

Growing Awareness
Online and On Air

To raise awareness of the millions of dollars of rebates available through Efficiency Works, A-Train launched a series of ad campaigns. In particular, a contractor-focused initiative leveraged both digital ads with accompanying landing pages and radio spots to get the attention of service providers when they were at their computers or in their vehicles traveling between job sites.

Efficiency Works Asks, “What’s Next?”

Based on the successful reengineering of the Efficiency Works website and the positive results from the digital and radio ad campaigns, the organization is now working with A-Train on the development of advanced website software to streamline the rebates process and provide more capacity and growth opportunity.