Colorado Behavioral Health Council

“Informative” Meets “Engaging” in Skillful Designs for CBHC

Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) is a membership organization that serves as the “umbrella” entity for many community mental health centers in Colorado. Knowing of A-Train’s work with many of these community mental health centers, they were confident in A-Train’s industry experience. Thus, A-Train was asked to take the lead on a number of projects.


Creating Consistency for the CBHC Brand

First, A-Train assessed the organization’s brand and provided guidance on how to ensure that the brand was applied consistently. A-Train selected colors, fonts and design motifs that would be later used in other materials.

Generating Awareness for Important Legislation

Senate Bill 16-202 provides greater access to substance use disorder treatment across Colorado through services paid for by the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund. To make the provisions of this important legislation easy for its member organizations and integral government officials to understand, CBHC had A-Train develop informational materials to showcase the strides and improvements SUD treatment centers have made; and how additional funds could continue benefiting the people of Colorado.

Shining a Light on Crisis Services

Some of the most important work that community mental health centers do is in the area of crisis response. A-Train designed the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Crisis System Report, which provided information on statewide resources that supply residents with a direct line to acute, community-based mental health services, thus alleviating a flood of cases to hospital emergency rooms.

Eye-Catching Annual Reports

While the mission of CBHC and its member organizations is extremely important, summaries of the work are often not compelling reading. A-Train produced an annual report for CBHC that was both informative and eye-catching, and that kept readers turning pages.

Unique Capabilities in Mental Health Communications

It takes specialized skills and extensive experience to communicate about mental health issues and initiatives in a way that is clear and concise while also being kind and compassionate. A-Train meets both of those messaging objectives for CBHC with engaging visuals and carefully crafted copy that reflect the organization’s core values.