Mental Health Full Funnel Marketing Webinar

Free Webinar: Demystifying digital marketing for mental health providers

Digital Marketing provides the best, most diverse, most measurable methods to market your organization. But do you know what tools to use, when, and how, to get the best results?

SEO, pay-per- click, email, social media, sponsored posts, landing pages, video… with so many tools and techniques, it’s no wonder organizations don’t know where to start.

The best way to understand digital is to consider the many options through the lens of the marketing funnel, which looks at how to use different methods to guide people through the buyer’s journey:

  1. INTRODUCE: Make people remember who you are, how you’re unique, and why they should care
  2. INFLUENCE: Educate and influence to build and nurture relationships
  3. ACT: Encourage them to take action

Join A-Train Marketing co-owners Ryan Keiffer and Gretchen Gaede as they make digital marketing understandable. We will detail the different tools and techniques to use during each phase of the funnel, as well as what metrics to look at. Most importantly, we will show how you can use digital to go beyond marketing to build trust, break down barriers, and help the people who need it most.

  • Understand the digital landscape in bite-sized pieces
  • Learn how to be more competitive in the digital space
  • Reach your audience where they’re at – online and mobile
  • Discover the importance of an effective digital campaign to drive traffic to your website and results to your campaigns
  • Understand the importance of landing pages for digital success
  • Get measurable results, in an affordable medium, with clear metrics to share with your board of directors and CEO

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