Identifying A Conversion Funnel

We recently came across an article in Website Magazine with a staggering statistic: 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their conversion funnels—the track a website visitor makes from a search or ad through your website on the way to making a purchase. The article inspired us to compile some thoughts on identifying a conversion funnel.

First, it helps to understand that the funnel metaphor represents the decrease in number of users at each step along the way. At the outset you have a large audience online who could click on your link. Only a portion of them do, and so your funnel begins to taper. After clicking the link only a portion of visitors will proceed to another page. Each step the visitor takes further reduces the number of visitors. The more steps, the fewer visitors get through to become a customer.

Once you have attracted an audience to your site, it’s time to begin engaging their interests. If you’ve ever had the experience of seeing something in a store window, only to enter the store and realize that was the only item you’d buy and it’s not clearly for sale, then you already understand how important it is to keep people engaged on your website long enough to find the product, service or information they desire.

Unfortunately, much like retail fitting rooms, not everything that goes in the shopping cart will make it out the door. Quality offerings and a persuasive tone will keep your funnel flowing that this point. Even if you’re not in retail, your site will experience users who drop off after giving you a great deal of consideration, never to be heard from again. Those who make it all the way through your funnel to conversion are now yours to renew or lose through the same steps of minimizing friction and building loyalty.

If you’re still mystified by the concept of a conversion funnel or unsure why you need one for your website, just run a google image search for the term and see how many smart marketers are optimizing their websites day in and day out to craft the perfect conversion funnel.


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