10 Mobile Stats to Convince Skeptics

Imagine this scenario—You know that mobile devices are an important communications tool. But, when you explain it to your boss and teammates you’re met with more than a little resistance. They’re still not convinced why it’s so important to build websites that are mobile-friendly.

Perhaps it’s not so surprising. Most business executives are successful because they boil complex systems down to costs and revenue. To their mind, responsive (mobile optimized) design represents a major cost for something unfamiliar that might not pay for itself. To your mind, you see more and more of your audience turning to the competition as they struggle to engage with your brand. What can you do? Show these 10 stats to the skeptics in your life.

    1. 58% of all US Consumers already own a smartphone.
    2. Mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all global internet traffic.
    3. Tablet users spend over 50% more per purchase at online retailers compared to smartphone users.
    4. Nearly half a billion tablets will ship in 2013 and 2014.
    5. 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.
    6. 60% of mobile shoppers use their smartphones while in a store. 50% while on their way to the store.
    7. 90% of people move between devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV) to accomplish a goal.
    8. More than 25% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. More than 10% on tablets.
    9. Mobile-based searches grew to make up a quarter of all searches, with desktop searches remaining flat (not declining).
    10. 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information.


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