August 21, 2017

The key to serving our community comes from recognizing the strengths of partners within it. In line with this idea, A-Train Marketing has partnered with Rocket Jones and the City of Fort Collins to create an online DIY home assessment tool.

Check it out at - be sure to view it on your phone for the full experience!

Designed to be a "mobile-first" online experience that captures the feeling and functionality of an app, but without the development costs and download requirements of an app, the website allows residents of Fort Collins to do a self-paced assessment of their homes while promoting education and healthy living conditions in homes across the city. The site leads residents through each room of their home to identify places where they can improve safety and comfort.

Taking this complex and lengthy process and making it feel simple and easy for users was a great challenge that A-Train's graphic design and user experience (UX) design team were excited to tackle. We were thrilled to develop an "app-like" interface into a standard website, proving the concept and saving significant project costs. Rocket Jones' skillful code writing, testing, and app launch experience was an exceptional compliment to A-Train's project leadership and UX design.

Through this local partnership, A-Train Marketing, Rocket Jones, and the City of Fort Collins can provide residents of Fort Collins and northern Colorado with a high-quality product that showcases the strength of local partnerships in their homes.