June 28, 2018

You’ve decided to invest time and money in getting the assistance of a marketing firm. That’s a wise decision. The guidance of skilled and experienced digital marketing experts can create valuable brand awareness. As a result, it can give you a distinct advantage over your competition. As one of the marketing agencies Denver businesses turn to, we know there are things you can do to maximize the return on your investment.

6 Strategies for Getting All You Can From Your Marketing Agency

Make the most of your client/agency relationship by following these tips:

  1. Be prepared. Whether it’s your first-ever meeting with a particular firm or the tenth strategy session related to a year-long campaign, it’s important that you have your ducks in a row for each gathering so that the time spent is highly productive. In fact, “be prepared” applies to any interaction with your agency, including phone calls and emails.
  2. Be honest. An experienced marketing agency team isn’t looking for praise on their creative designs or strategic insights—they’re looking for results. They may push back on your input if they feel they should, but they want your unvarnished opinion on everything they present to you.
  3. Be receptive. If your marketing agency has been around for any significant period of time, they are clearly doing something right. At times, their tactics may be a little unclear to you, but you can bet that there’s a method to their “madness.” You don’t have to accept all (or any) of their suggestions, but you should go into all conversations respecting their expertise as they respect yours.
  4. Be consistent. Your marketing agency wants nothing more than to help you meet your marketing and sales objectives. However, if those goals are constantly shifting or your opinion on the proposed tactics for hitting them changes frequently, doing so can be a challenge.
  5. Be patient. You have a right to expect results from your marketing firm. In fact, you have an obligation to your company to demand that your agency performs. But, building awareness and/or changing perceptions is a little like steering a barge: it takes time for things to come around.
  6. Be appreciative. A good marketing agency will express its gratitude for your business on a regular basis. If you are happy with their work, it’s a good idea to express that feeling. Everyone appreciates a kind word, and positive feedback helps build strong relationships.

Here’s to Successful Collaboration!

At A-Train Marketing, we see client/agency relationships as partnerships. For two decades, these collaborations have allowed us to help our clients in a wide range of industries achieve tremendous success. Ready to start a relationship with a firm that has your back? Contact us today!