Help Us Make The Fortathlon A Reality

Calling all Fort Collins locals!

In our 2014 Valentine’s Day magazine, Fortlandia, we introduced readers to a heretofore unrealized non-competitive community “sporting” event dubbed “Fortathlon.” We mused about creating an -athlon from Fort Collins’ array of year-round competitive options—and we wondered what kind of events other able-bodied locals might bring to the table.

If you’re interested in creating an event (see examples below), or joining us later this year to brainstorm over a craft brew in a local tap room, just leave us a comment below.

To see select outtakes from this year’s Valentine’s Day magazine, head to

Fortathlon-propsThe Big List of Fortathlon Events

1. Skin up and Telemark down Cameron Pass’ Diamond Peaks
a. Includes an avalanche beacon/probe/shovel test
b. None of that randonée horseshit!

2. Mustache waxing contest (men) / “selfie that no one knows is a selfie” photo contest (women)

3. Poudre canyon kayaking

4. Unicycle Racing

5. Poudre canyon fly fishing

6. Bow tie tying contest (men) / scarf contest (women)

7. Horsetooth Reservoir paddleboarding

8. Ironic t-shirt contest

9. CrossFit “Filthy Fifty” WOD – for time:
a. 50 box jumps (Rx=24”)
b. 50 jumping pull-ups
c. 50 kettle bell swings (Rx=35lbs)
d. 50 walking lunges
e. 50 knees to elbows
f. 50 push press (Rx=45 lbs)
g. 50 back extensions
h. 50 wall balls (Rx=20 lbs)
i. 50 burpees
j. 50 double unders

10. Music collection brag-a-thon

* Between each round, contestants must roll and smoke a cigarette, and drink a local beer with a minimum original gravity of 1.0 and ABV of 6.5%.