The Creators

Let’s face it: whether working alone or with a team, the strains of daily work life require us all to channel the superhero within. At A-Train Marketing, we are proud to have assembled our amazing team of CREATORS with unique abilities that allow us to cohesively provide winning solutions for those that need us. Not only are we on a mission


but we’re also¬†here to bring the collective strength of our team to organizations that are ready to propel their success and reach a higher level.


He’s faster than a speeding A-Train – when it comes to figuring things out and getting them done, that is. MasterMind can balance more moving parts per minute than a quartz timepiece, all while remaining focused on solutions over tasks.



A master persuader, she is testament to the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword. Plumiera uses the skill of thoughtful communication and inspiration to help anyone she meets move ideas into action.


Captain CSV

How can a business keep up when faced with too much information and too little time to sift through it all? Beyond that, what if there is nobody to make sure it all adds up? We all need the magician that makes sure all the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed.



Acts not only defensively, he also writes the cleanest code possible in an effort to prevent evil doers from their wave of corruption. FireWall’s positively offensive capabilities also include preemptively shooting fire to stop attackers before they edge near his secret code.


Captain Kerning

When great design is compromised, the world suffers from unattractiveness, blandness, or worse – mediocrity. Captain Kerning stays on the battle lines of innovation and aesthetic to ensure useful, unobtrusive, honest design that maintains integrity and order in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.


Mad Maximizer

Only one person understands the balance between relationships and results. The r2 principle (relationships + results = perfection) is what Mad Maximizer is always fighting for.


Haala H. Ipsum

Bringing words to life is an art, and nobody knows that more than Haala H. Ipsum. The grace of well-crafted speech is one thing, but the impact of the visual word can stop people in their tracks.


Social Sylphina

With her Brobdingnagian thumb to raise the ever-present 21st-century question, “to like or not to like,” Social Sylphina keeps the conversation going by encouraging what is new, fresh, and exciting in the ever-evolving dimension of social chatter.



While reveling in the ability to balance darkness and light, Spectrum absorbs negative energy and brings color into the world to magnify the beauty of life. By manipulating the energies of color fields, she commands the magic of her crystal prism to absorb ineffective designs and transform them into stellar works of marketing magic.


Boogie Boy

With an unparalleled ability to dance from task to task with the speed and power to stop time, Boogie Boy uses levity and critical thinking to find crucial solutions in the heat of the moment.


For more information about The CREATORS, along with our newest recruits, you can request a copy of our 2017 Valentine Edition by emailing us at, [email protected]


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