May 30, 2024

Often when a client comes to A-Train, they have an initial problem in need of a quick fix. It’s with our expertise that we can identify a solution for not just the initial problem, but the root problem. We frequently find a single identified problem is part of something larger. Through our strategy sessions and collaboration with the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) team, we found this to be the true for BHCOE, ultimately Jade Health.

Jade Health Emerges as BHCOE’s Strategic Evolution

BHCOE’s diverse ABA therapy related services were thriving under several individual brands, yet they lacked a singular, cohesive corporate identity. They needed to create a parent company that encompassed all existing services and pave the way for future expansions. They asked A-Train to craft a name and brand that conveyed innovation, connectivity, and growth, representing a holistic umbrella for the organization’s full range of services.

Jade Health’s unveiling marks BHCOE’s strategic leap towards a refined organizational structure, embracing a future-ready identity for its network of services.

Naming with Purpose

In a strategic rebranding initiative, A-Train undertook the task of naming and messaging for the new parent company, sculpting a future-focused brand identity that would reach both care providers and clients. The renaming process was comprehensive, involving the creation of a list of potential names aligned with their mission to advance healthcare access, sustainability, and quality. Through meticulous research, the team ensured the name they selected was distinctive and simple but still unencumbered by existing trademarks or domain issues, reflecting a fresh, innovative approach. The final name selected was Jade Health. The finalized mission statement, “Jade Health transforms person-centered behavioral health by advancing measurement science and establishing performance-based standards,” promotes a narrative of transparency, equity, and enduring care.

Visual Identity and Rapid Development

The visual identity for Jade Health was born from a ground-up strategic branding approach, starting with mood boards and evolving through various logo concepts to a final design that encapsulates the essence of clarity and well-being symbolized by the jade stone. Despite a tight timeline, A-Train successfully developed a brand guide and launched a comprehensive website as the first major application of the new brand so Jade Health could be distinctly represented at critical events. This phase tested the visual elements in real-world applications and established a foundational brand guide that will steer future marketing materials, ensuring consistency and integrity in Jade Health’s brand communication.

Branding Success Sets New Industry Benchmark

In an expedited timeline, A-Train delivered a comprehensive branding package for Jade Health that encapsulated its vision for the future. The result was a brand identity that perfectly aligned with the company’s core values and strategic direction. Jade Health now stands ready to expand its influence in the healthcare sector, with a brand that’s as compelling as its commitment to excellence.

Final deliverables included:

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Name
  • Brand Messaging: Mission, Vision, Values, Brand Essence
  • Logo and color palette
  • Mini-brand guideline
  • Website
  • Tertiary brand elements

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