April 2, 2020

Crisis Communications Toolkit


Many of us think we’re prepared for unexpected circumstances.  Unfortunately, we often find out how prepared – or unprepared we are - when crisis strikes.

Nobody wants to face a worst-case scenario, but when it comes to business, readiness in the face of adversity can be the difference between staying on top or sinking to the bottom.

Having a simple communications strategy and toolkit at your fingertips can be a life/business-saver when things really get tough. The last thing you need at a time of distraction is to have to design a platform to help you communicate with those looking to you for answers.

This simple communications toolkit can help you prepare and gain a semblance of control over situations that feel uncontrollable. A-Train is always happy to help. Let us know if we can provide some guidance as we all navigate troubled waters.

Download the Crisis Toolkit