March 8, 2019

Our fearless leader, Gretchen Gaede, has just received a notable honor, and we thought we would share it with you! She is part of the prestigious list of Enterprising Women of the Year award recipients through Enterprising Women Magazine, a national publication that focuses on news relating to leading female entrepreneurs. We’re proud to say she beat out hundreds of nominees to earn this recognition. Gaede was only one of two women from the western United States who made the list, and out of the vast number of women nominated, only 12 women in her category of businesses with revenues of $2 to $5 million received the award.

Awards are always validating, but not the reason A-Train does what it does every day. Of course, it’s fabulous when someone recognizes your hard work and creativity, but our mission is to stay ahead of the game every day: learning, growing, and innovating in marketing and branding strategies that propel our clients forward and further their success. 

For those who know her, Gretchen is a force of nature and moves at the speed of light. This particular award was judged on criteria including rapid and consistent businesses growth, mentoring or active support of other women and girls, and community leadership. From the start of her journey as an entrepreneur, she elected to make a commitment to giving back. Having come from disadvantaged circumstances, she often reiterates the importance of giving to those who have less, and lives by the philosophy that “no matter what you have or where you are in life, someone out there needs more than you do.”

She has been a key driver of A-Train’s values, and a critical component of the refinement and growth of the company since its inception in 1998.

Cheers to the Women of the Year of 2019. We are excited that Gretchen is one of them! For more information, visit