Madison’s nasty sandwich

ATOT_MadisonDon’t mess with Madison – she makes a mean sandwich

Okay, so this may seem super weird, but when I was little, my sister and I actually did this to each other. I still vividly remember eating the sandwich that she gave me. There was ketchup, mayo, mustard, salad dressing, ham, peanut butter, jelly and some other hodgepodge ingredients from the fridge sandwiched between the heels of the loaf (and we all know the heels are the worst). If I had to make my friend eat a sandwich after losing a bet, I would probably do something along the same lines…technically edible, but full of combinations that you definitely do not want to eat. My bestie, a self-proclaimed sandwich-making pro (seriously), would probably tell me to take the sandwich, put it where the sun don’t shine, and call the sandwich police on me.


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