August 13, 2019

Developing eye-catching creative and effective marketing strategy for our clients requires a great deal of inspiration. Fortunately for our team at A-Train, we live in Colorado—one of the most inspiring places in the country, if not the world. Day hikes in the mountains are a serious win-win for us: great exercise and a reliable recharge for our creative batteries.

Here are six of our favorite hikes:

  1.  Maroon Bells. Rivers, lakes and impressive peaks… these hikes (there are five options) have it all. It’s beautiful in the summer and even more impressive when the aspen leaves begin to turn golden in the fall. This recreation area near Aspen is very popular, so read up on driving and access restrictions as well as the option of a shuttle bus to the trailhead.

  2. Lost Man Lake. The trailhead for this hike is one mile west of the summit of Independence Pass. It’s not hard to find, but as with many Colorado mountain hikes, it’s only accessible by car or truck until the snows come in early October. The dramatic, dark waters of Lost Man Lake are a picturesque backdrop for a summer picnic.

  3. Hanging Lake. This is a short (2.4-mile round trip) but somewhat challenging hike to two gorgeous waterfalls near Glenwood Springs. The hike is so popular that a permit is required. The upside of that requirement is that you won’t encounter the types of crowds you might run into on other hikes.

  4. First and Second Flatirons. Living/staying in the Boulder or Denver area and looking for a hike that’s close by? What are known as the Flatirons near Boulder are a great option. You can hike the trail that takes you across a beautiful meadow and then through the gap between what are called the First Flatiron and the Second Flatiron. It’s a moderate hike, and the impressive views on both sides of the Flatirons make it worth the effort.

  5. Mount Elbert. If you want to bag Colorado’s highest peak (at 14,440 feet give or take), it’s easier than you might think via the standard route. From the trailhead northeast of the peak, the roundtrip is nine miles and provides incredible views.

  6. Fern Falls. Located on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park, Fern Falls splashes through the forest, producing a refreshing mist as it tumbles over rocks and fallen trees. You’ll need to purchase a pass to enter the park, but it’s well worth the fee.

The list of amazing Colorado hikes could, of course, go on and on. But the options above give you something to consider.