July 24, 2019

When we’re not enjoying the thrill of helping clients dominate their competition, you’ll often find us “thrill seeking” in other ways. For example, our founders Gretchen Gaede and Ryan Keiffer recently returned from an exciting trip to the Canyonlands in Utah. To get the adrenaline flowing a little closer to home we've provided some awesome whitewater rafting destinations on our state’s many gorgeous rivers.


Some of the most epic adventures can be enjoyed on:

  1. Colorado River. This river flows for nearly 1,500 miles through Colorado and beyond. It makes its way through many different canyons and offers everything from challenging rapids to calm, peaceful stretches. Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting offers a number of different trips.
  2. Arkansas River. With a 5,000-foot drop in just a 125-mile span, there’s plenty of fun to be had on the Arkansas! Plus, it’s not too far from Denver. Wilderness Aware Rafting is one company that knows the river well.
  3. Clear Creek. This river flows for nearly 70 miles through Clear Creek Canyon. It’s not far from I-70 (so it’s convenient!) yet it feels very remote once you start your trip. Clear Creek Rafting Company is a great option.
  4. Roaring Fork River. With extreme rapids in the top part of the river and more mellow water as you approach Glenwood Springs, the Roaring Fork has something for everyone. Blue Sky Adventures can tell you all about it!
  5. Yampa River. The only free-flowing river in Colorado (meaning it doesn’t have large dams or diversions), the Yampa runs through Steamboat Springs and also through scenic Dinosaur National Monument. OARS offers a nice, long trip on this unique river. 


So, when the summer heat has you looking for a unique way to cool off, Colorado’s incredible whitewater awaits. Go get it!