8 Holiday Marketing Ideas

This time of year is a great time to reflect on things you are thankful for and to express gratitude to those around you. In honor of expressing gratitude, we would like to thank YOU for your loyalty, friendship, and for allowing us to take hold of your marketing reigns and do what we do best.

With Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, we wanted to share a few festive and easy ways to share appreciation with clients, employees, and customers.


1. Holiday Message

Send an email to thank your customers for being wonderful clients throughout the year! Be sure to express your gratitude to your loyal and long lasting clients.

2. Create an Infographic

Provide fun, visual tips that will benefit your audience relating to all the things you are thankful for in your business or life.

3. Gifts for your favorite clients

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Take it one step further and remove your branding. Just focus on the simple act of giving a nice gift.

4. Host a gratitude event

It may seem obvious to host a holiday party, but when you do it in the name of gratitude, it is truly a labor of love. Party anyone? Face to face gratitude is wonderful! Host an event and bring your clients in to thank them personally for their loyalty. Everyone loves free food and drinks, right?

5. Create and share a video

Videos are all the rave. You could spend time creating a video with a positive message to your followers, or you could explore the Facebook Live option.

6. Run a contest

Create a theme and blast your social media with it. For example, host a food drive and see how much food you can collect. Or simply ask for and collect the gratitude of others and share the list once it is populated.

7. Share Visual Content

Post photos each day of what your company is thankful for or excited about. Visual content is easy on the eyes and a great way to gain extra likes.

8. Sprinkle kindness around like it’s glitter!

Be kind! Be an example. Complete a random act of kindness and love everyone around you. It’s the least we can all do to make the world a better place.


We hope that you can use one of these options to help spread thankfulness, gratitude, and cheer over the holiday season. In the meantime, grab some hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and snuggle up with the holiday season.


A-Train Marketing

Campaign Advertising During the Elections

Campaign Advertising

In 1952, Dwight Eisenhower was running for President and his campaign team made history by airing the very first political ad on television. Fast forward to 2008, when President Obama made waves in campaign advertising by being the first candidate to effectively utilize digital in his campaign. Today, both candidates have been utilizing digital advertising, with approximately 9.5% of  their total political media spend going toward it. Not only are the candidates advertising like mad as we get closer to election day, consumer goods companies have also taken advantage of the growing buzz surrounding the election.

In this election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have gone in different directions as far as advertising is concerned. Clinton’s campaign has spent around $269 million on TV and radio ads. She has primarily aired these ads on national and local broadcasts because she has the financial means to reach the masses through traditional advertising.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign has used many different tactics for their campaign advertising. Digital ad buys and promotional gear (i.e. Make America Great Again hats) had accounted for nearly 30% of Trump’s campaign spending at the end of September. His campaign has been able to rely on inexpensive digital ad spots online because of their ability to target the ads to specific users. Additionally, the “Make America Great Again” merchandise has been arguably the most effective advertising for Trump’s campaign. Whether his supporters are donning the bright red hat or they have “Make America Great Again” stuck to their car bumper, they have become living, breathing advertisements for Trump 2016.


Every 4 years, politics seem to consume the thoughts and conversations of most Americans. Many brands have taken note of this and have decided to roll with that momentum. This year, Doritos has been running a campaign to encourage Millennials to go vote with their “No Choice” Doritos. These Doritos can be sent to a friend who is not planning on voting, and to their dismay they will receive a bag filled with brown, cardboard triangles. These “no choice” chips will include a message card explaining that if you don’t vote, someone else chooses for you… and it may suck just as much as eating cardboard Doritos.

Tecate Light, a Mexican Import Beer, aired a commercial during the first presidential debate that was genius. The ad cleverly mocked Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.

The ad suggests that instead of building a wall based upon fear of our neighbors, we should embrace each other and enjoy a couple of beers together at the wall bar. According to a 2016 poll by Pew Research Center, 80% of Millennials, Tecate’s target market, were not in favor of building a wall. In fact, 76% of Millennials said that they believe immigrants strengthen our country. With those stats considered, Tecate Light hit the mark in representing those sentiments with a nice dash of humor, to create one of the best political ads to date.

During election years it can seem like every ad you see is either directly from a political campaign or from a corporation riding the hype of elections. Hate it or love it, political advertising is effective because it focuses on topics that people are emotionally invested in. So regardless of if it is shown on TV, a blimp, the internet, or is delivered by carrier pigeons, the landscape of political advertising will continue to shift toward whatever methods best reach the current target audience.